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"A flattering hairstyle can accentuate your natural charm. Let’s look at some simple tips you can follow to choose a haircut that will complement your face shape perfectly!"

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➜ Tricks For Styling Hair: Your primary focus when styling your hair should be to add length to your face, to hide your cheeks, to add some much-needed angles to your face, and make it look thinner.
List of the most suitable haircuts:
⁕ Long Layered Haircut
⁕ Fauxhawk
⁕ Blunt Bob
⁕ Voluminous Waves
⁕ Mid-Length Layers
⁕ Tapered Pixie
⁕ Side-Swept Bangs
⁕ Beach Wave Lob

➜ Tricks For Styling Hair: The best haircuts for long faces work to balance out your features. Curls, waves, even bottom lines, and horizontal layers create an illusion of width, so desirable in your case. Don't forget to make friends with bangs.
List of the most suitable haircuts:
⁕ Shaggy Lob
⁕ Swoopy Bangs
⁕ Straight Textured Bob
⁕ Choppy Cut
⁕ Long Wavy
⁕ Short Spunky Bob
⁕ Big Curls
⁕ Full Arched Bangs

➜ Tricks For Styling Hair: Pay particular attention to the volume at the roots. Avoid straight bangs and thick blunt cut bangs, opt for side bangs instead. You can style textured layers many ways from straight to curly, or beach waves.
List of the most suitable haircuts:
⁕ Shaggy Layered Long Hair
⁕ Long Highlighted Bangs
⁕ Layered Ombre
⁕ Feathered Shoulder-Length
⁕ Tousled Bob
⁕ Textured Pixie
⁕ Long, Sleek, and Straight
⁕ Shaggy Messy Lob

➜ Tricks For Styling Hair: Heart faces need to add some length to their shape, and minimize the width through the forehead, and bring balance to the narrow jawline and chin. Any textured chin-length hairstyles will suit you best. If bangs are wanted make sure they are side-swept, not straight across.
List of the most suitable haircuts:
⁕ Layered Pixie
⁕ Long, Straight Layers
⁕ Long Choppy Bob
⁕ Curly Bob
⁕ Side-Swept Bangs
⁕ Shoulder-Length Layers
⁕ Wavy Layers
⁕ Side Parted Lob

➜ Tricks For Styling Hair: Count yourself lucky! This face shape can pull off a variety of hairstyles (but some styles are more flattering than others, of course). No need to hide behind your tresses, soften any angles or add length to your face. Let us suggest some flattering haircuts that help you shine even brighter!
List of the most suitable haircuts:
⁕ Choppy Long Bob
⁕ Curved Bangs
⁕ Swift, Side-Swept Bangs
⁕ Shaggy Lob with Choppy Layers
⁕ Size Volume
⁕ Hooked Ends with A Middle Part
⁕ Shoulder-Length Loose Waves
⁕ Grown-Out Edgy Pixie

These haircuts and hairstyles are stylish's go-to picks. Have you found a favorite and suitable one for yourself? Explore more with us!

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